Simple, Stress-Free School Fundraisers

Raising money for your school is easy with Class Packs by Apperson!

Fundraising That Parents Will Love

Parents must purchase back-to-school supplies one way or another, so make shopping painless for them and get 5% back to your school. It’s a quick and easy fundraiser that guarantees your school benefits while ensuring that parents and teachers are getting the supplies they expect.

“Thank you for this opportunity to have my supplies gathered easily and affordably... such a great way to raise funds for the school. I've told everyone I know about you!!!”

Perfect for PTAs and PTOs

Class Packs by Apperson is a sure way to get parents involved in a school fundraiser with minimal effort. We’ll even do the work for you. Apperson will supply your school with flyers for students to bring home to inform parents of the advantages of purchasing school supplies through the Class Packs program.

“We had a great experience with Class Packs! Not only did we make money for our school, but we offered our parents significant time saving and stress relief and our teachers enjoyed the fact that everything they requested showed up in an organized and consistent way. A major win for any school!

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