How Our Program Works

Raising money for your school is easy with Class Packs by Apperson!

Provide Us With Your Supply List

Pair a dedicated Class Packs specialist with your school list coordinator to customize the Class Packs online portal, converting your school’s supply list into an easy-to-use online shopping destination.

Crayola? Check. Elmer’s? Please. Ticonderoga? Totally. You name it, we got it. Both parents and teachers will love the peace of mind of knowing that what’s been ordered is just what the teacher is expecting.

“The class packs came with all the supplies needed to get my son started at school and the best part is I did not have to fight the back to school crowds at the stores.”

Partner With Parents

In just a few clicks, parents order a Class Pack. If they would like to purchase some items locally, it's easy to remove items from their order. This flexibility makes Class Packs the most unique back-to-school supply program available.

With our 5% rebate, Class Packs helps schools to partner with parents and parent organizations to raise funds for your school. We help spread the word to increase participation among the student body. Your ordering site stays open through mid-summer to allow plenty of time for parents to order Class Packs.

“Last year I went to 3 different stores in order to find the items on our class supply list, it was frustrating, and inconvenient. This year, ordering a class pack was the smartest thing I did! We showed up to school and everything was there waiting for us. Thank you for this service, it saved me hours of time and frustration!!”

Pack, Ship & Distribute - Right to Your School

Once we close the Class Pack ordering portal we will get busy packaging the individualized kits for families. We are excited to offer the high quality, name brand products that your teachers prefer. The Class Packs will be delivered to your school to distribute to students before classes begin for the new year on the day you designate. Most schools distribute the Class Packs during their traditional Back to School event using parent volunteers.

View an Example Store

Now that you know how easy it is to offer Class Packs to your parents, take a look at it through their eyes. Click the example parent ordering link below and you’ll quickly understand why so many parents absolutely love Class Packs and how it makes you look good too!

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